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Your firm is missing revenue if junior staff isn’t billable

The best use of technical staff is to be billable, right?  One needs more technical and managerial experience to be effective at sales, right?  Yet, there are 3-4 times more junior staff then senior staff. If you could get that

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Who Says Only Senior Managers Can Generate Sales?

Who brings in the business in your firm? Usually it is the senior managers. Think about how strong business would be if everyone– CEO, CFO, Project Manager, and junior Engineer/Architect/Scientist– also contributed. What do each of you have in common?

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CEOs and CFOs can endear their creditors by sharing their sales process

CRMs have been a tough sell for many professional services firms because they were seen as adding work. So, I often end up implementing a simplified system that mainly used the Opportunities tracking module. I think that the newer cloud

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To broaden sales participation, the CEO must remove barriers

As a principal in charge of the largest division of a 130 person firm, a first step in implementing a highly efficient sales program was to make sure everyone knew the latest sales methods and spoke a common sales language. Since

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Professional services industry trends and solutions

The industry sales model is changing. It is moving solidly to a seller-doer model and away from having dedicated sales responsible staff. The SMPS Foundation conducted and published a research report in 2013 called A/E/C BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – The Decade

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In a successful organization, sales is part of everybody’s job

In a successful organization, sales is part of everybody’s job. Most firms have only a few persons who are actively engaged in generating revenue. There is often tension over being billable and helping to secure the next project. This is

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You don’t need to be senior to stimulate healthy sales behavior

Consider doing this. As a CEO, ask  your staff to have a conversation with their clients that has nothing to do with the project.  As a Marketing Manager or Coordinator, when staff tells you they are conducting a client visit for a

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Measure little steps while climbing a mountain. There are rewards along the way.

Long term and consistent revenue growth is central to a healthy business and career.   Career growth can only occur if there is a place into which to grow.  To be healthy long term, a company must retain quality staff.

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