Creating a Profitable Culture

Are your projects either losing money or not achieving their targeted profit? They don’t have to have such depressing outcomes. There are solutions available to you that will change this, with joyous certainty.

Over 100 engineering, architecture and environmental services firms have boosted their performance by enrolling their project managers and division managers in this program. Read what they experienced and judge its value for yourself.

There are three reasons for underachievement. First, managers’ skills are insufficient or inconsistent across the company. Second, is apathy and lack of discipline. Thirdly due to culture traps that have developed over many years.

FosterGrowth’s solution will get your entire team working efficiently and looking for lost dollars in your projects. FosterGrowth will transform your culture to one where everyone understands how the business runs, is committed to working smarter, and is proficient at applying their skills to daily project challenges.

FosterGrowth’s Creating a Profitable Culture is built on three progressive levels of proficiency. The first is an engaging and flexible on-line learning course.

In this video, my partner, June Jewell, shares an overview of Level 1, the Find the Lost Dollars (FTLD) Online Business Learning Program for Project Leaders. She explains how it will transform your emerging leaders, Project Managers, Unit Managers and Principals into profitable business leaders who are adept at the most critical elements of your business.

Following this video we introduce level 2 and 3 of the structured learning program which elevates these skills into everyday business proficiency.

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Here’s How…..

The Creating a Profitable Culture Plan is a 3-Level Program that applies centuries old wisdom about effective learning.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”  –Confucius, 451 B.C.

This structured learning program deepens the skills of each team member by using real-time project management activities. Each level advances your firm until you have secured premier business status.

What Do Program Participants Have to Say?

“We put our entire management team through the business management training program and have seen almost instantaneous improvement to our bottom line.” Bill Zink, P.E., President, Christopher Consultants

“I took the “Find the Lost Dollars” management on-line learning program and have had the pleasure of receiving project management coaching from Doug Reed. The program gave me the tools to manage projects so they are more financially successful than I thought was possible while still providing our clients with a great product that they are happy with. I highly recommend this program.” Garrett Bergey, Project Manager, SDE Engineers. 

Meet Your Facilitator

20150108_DougR use for biosDoug Reed, P.E. spent over 25 years managing A/E/Env projects for firms ranging from 25 employees to 3000. He was a consistent top performer and was twice elected shareholder based on his contribution to the bottom line and his boost to the firm’s reputation.

Doug’s clients spanned many business sectors; private, institutional, agency, federal and municipal for example. Since 2010 Doug has been providing growth and profit focused services to engineering, architectural and environmental firms in North America.

Hear what Doug has to say in this 3-minute video….

Your Scope to Achieve High Performing Projects

Level 1. On-Line Individual Learning (demonstrations are available)

  • Ten modules of business learning, scored to document learning
  • Topics cover pre-project scoping, compensation and setting expectations as well as active project management
  • Pace is self-selected
  • Each module is interactive and interesting by using video, professional actors & actresses, animations, and insights from real engineers and architects
  • Administrator is able to track participants’ progress
  • Real company project data can be uploaded which becomes part of the on-line practice tasks
  • Each person receives a one year license so they can revisit the material as often as they desire.

Level 2. Structured coaching to deepen skills and comfort

  • A video conference kick-off meeting to set expectations and establish success metrics.
  • Five coaching video conference group sessions for structured application of the new business skills. Real personal and cultural barriers are anticipated and overcome to achieve clarity, comfort and buy-in.
  • Skills are adapted to specific markets, projects and current processes by using active projects and pursuits.
  • Corporate strategic goals for markets and services are used to tailor content.

Level 3. Proficiency Achieves Desired Outcome

  • Six coaching video conference group sessions to apply the new skills to each project manager’s clients.
  • Real project reports, real issues, and group solving.
  • Skills become cemented into behavior. Permanent progress is secured.
  • Sessions can be integrated into regular project management meetings and be part of real-time performance tracking and trouble shooting.
  • Participants have access to the instructor via phone and email so that real-time project questions can be immediately resolved using the new skills.

Upon completion of Level 3, the application of skills under diverse encounters cements the behavior and the application of the skills are now automatic. Transformation to the Profitable Culture has been achieved.

This solution is not for everyone…

Now, ask yourself the following questions to see if this program is right for you and your team:

  1. Does your leadership feel strongly that measuring project managers’ performance is important?
  2. Does your leadership feel it is important that all project managers and business disciplines have common knowledge and skills in the areas of client and project management?
  3. Is your leadership willing to hold employees accountable?
  4. Are your key decision makers willing to participate in a conference call to review challenges, goals and to make sure this program is a match?

Here’s How To Get Started

First, schedule a no-obligation conference call by choosing one of the following methods.

  1. Email
  2. Self-schedule on-line
  3. Call Doug at 617-758-7000

Bring your questions to the conference call. We can provide choices best suited for your needs. Our three levels represent the comprehensive program and there are various tiers available to you.

Act now!

Maximize your people, processes and technology investments to gain a competitive edge and increase your firm’s profitability! This program is a “trifecta” win-win-win for clients, your project managers, and the firm.

Doug Reed, P.E., President

FosterGrowth | 617-758-7000

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